October 4, 2023

Triatloni treeninglaager Fuerteventural

Fuerteventura, a part of Spain's Canary Islands, stands as the second-largest island in the archipelago. The island is notably wild and sparsely populated, renowned for its extensive stretches of both white and black volcanic sandy beaches. Its climate, terrain, road conditions, and safety make it the ideal locale for triathlon training. This island holds a special place in Rait Ratasepp's heart as his favorite destination. In that very location, he honed himself to peak performance, discovering the boundaries of his human capabilities. 

Training Camp Overview and Location

Fuerteventura boasts a distinctive landscape setting it apart from the other Canary Islands. The first difference you will notice is that the island's abundant mountains coexist with a vast, open terrain, providing a diverse backdrop for various forms of exercise. The population density of Fuerteventura is much lower than that of the other Canary Islands. Unlike bustling Gran Canaria and Tenerife, this island attracts fewer tourists and experiences less vehicular traffic, making it an ideal haven for biking enthusiasts. enthusiasts. Situated near the African continent, Fuerteventura enjoys a warm and dry climate year-round, with minimal precipitation averaging only around 150 mm annually. Whilst on the island, we will also embark on a hike to the island's highest peak, Pico de la Zarza, standing at an elevation of 807 meters above sea level.

The camp itself offers daily versatile training sessions in cycling, swimming, and running. Beyond physical training, Rait shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in areas such as motivation, goal-setting, handling the unexpected, and the crucial aspects of nutrition and rest integral to the training process.

The training camp takes place in a special village called Las Playitas in the southeast of Fuerteventura. Almost 20 years ago, the sports resort Playitas, opened its doors there. Originally a small village, it has since evolved into an expansive sports and leisure complex offering a plethora of activities. Tegevusi jagub seal igale maitsele. Ujumise, rattasõidu ja jooksmise  harrastamiseks on see koht justkui paradiis. Ujuda saab nii avavees kui 50-meetrises välibasseinis. Jooksmiseks on nii kuurorti sees kui ka vahetus läheduses olemas nii kõvakattega teed kui trailsand mountain trails for running both inside the resort and in the immediate vicinity. The well-maintained roadways of Fuerteventura provide an excellent platform for cycling training, making it an ideal destination to explore the diverse places and sights of the island on two wheels. 

The photographer behind the images used is Jakob Meier, who accompanies the entire journey with us, equipped with a camera to capture the finest moments.

For whom?

The training camp welcomes all sports enthusiasts with a passion for endurance activities, whether they are seasoned triathlon enthusiasts or individuals eager to explore the excitement of this dynamic world. You do not need to have previous triathlon experience to participate in the camp. Given the small size of the group, we can provide a personalized approach to each sports enthusiast, tailored to their individual level of training.

Family members and friends of exercise lovers are also welcome to the camp. It's an island with activities, sunshine and beauty for everyone to enjoy. 

For those without a bike or those who prefer not to travel with one, bike rentals are available at the Bike Center within Playitas Resort. Please let us know (juri@sporttravel.ee) and we'll send you a quote.

Accommodation and catering

During our stay in Fuerteventura, we will be accommodated in a luxurious 4-star* hotel at Playitas Resort. The resort guarantees a multitude of options for diverse training within its premises. The accommodation is arranged in double rooms.

Recognizing the challenges of intense exercise, we emphasize the importance of nutrition. Both breakfast and dinner are included in the package, served at Playitas Resort, renowned for its high-quality food.  The abundant food choices presented in the Swedish table style and following the principle of "eat as much as you can" are sure to satisfy every plate. Rait, placing a high value on nutrition, has honed his eating habits with leading specialists in sports nutrition. During the camp, he shares recommendations for a versatile diet tailored to everyone's needs. 

Why be there?

Rait Ratasepp and his story

Rait shares his personal story. With what commitment and perseverance has he reached the top?

Top-notch workout options

The world-class sports resort guarantees everything a sports fan can dream of!

Healthy food and recreation

One of the secrets of a good form is a balanced diet and rest. You'll get to experience that!

The package includes:

The price of the package is 2425 euros.

EARLY BIRD price: if you register before January 10, 2024 (incl.), the price of the package is 2325 euros. 

Additional costs: you can purchase sports equipment or rent a mountain, electric or road bike, as well as take advantage of massage or bike care services at the sports resort. 

Flexible payment: registreerimise järgselt edastame broneeringuarve (400 eur/inimene), mis kinnitab Sinu reisikoha. Ülejäänud reisipaketi tasumise soovi saad valida registreerimisvormis: võimalik on tasuda tervikuna ühes osas 30 päeva enne reisi algust ja kahes osas, kus maksumusest 50% tuleks tasuda 60 päeva enne reisi algust ja ülejäänud summa 30 päeva enne reisi algust.

Coach Rait Ratasepp

Rait on sihikendel tegutseja. Teda inspireerivad inimesed, kes julgevad seada endale kõrgeid eesmärke, mis sunnivad mugavustsoonist välja tulema, pühenduma ja pingutama. “Me kõik oleme võimelised suurteks asjadeks, esmalt tuleb end nende võimalikkuses veenda ning seejärel neile keskenduda ja pühenduda.” 

Rait has repeatedly proven that there are no limits to human potential. Now he has agreed to share his experiences with you. 

To awesome experiences on the triathlon tracks!