aprill 24, 2023

Estonia-Finland ski tour

An extraordinary opportunity to visit two countires and the Wordloppet marathons in one swoop!

The 50th anniversary of Tartu Ski Marathon in Estonia will add to the special and celebratory mood! New additions are added to the program first time: 31 km free style marathon and team relay for 3 people. 

The distance range is wide and between two marathons there will be time to explore Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and beautiful area around!

About the Ski Tour

The Estonian-Finnish ski tour begins with a 50th Tartu Marathon ski party in Otepää, the winter capital of Estonia. You will also have plenty of time to explore the surrounding trails, because we will stop right next to the ski stadium, where both the marathon course and the tracks of Tehvandi Ski Center start. International title competitions in biathlon and cross-country skiing, as well as in doubles, are also held there every year.

After the ski celebrations, we move on to the capital – Tallinn – for three days, where we will first take one day to relax in the spa and sauna centre. Then we will take a city tour with a local guide and on the next day we will visit the most beautiful ski resort in Kõrvemaa, northern Estonia. 

On Friday, 23 February, we shall travel by boat to Finland, where the multi-day Finlandia-hiihto Ski Festival awaits us in the internationally renowned ski resort of Lahti. The distance range is wide and both adults and children are welcome to participate. You can choose between classic or freestyle distances, or even participate on both days!


In Estonia, you can participate in the classic technique on two different distances: 31 km and 63 km. New races were added to the programm in this celebratory year: 31 km free style marathon and team relay with 3 people in a team.

Ski races in Finland are divided between the two days: on Saturday there are races in classic technique, on Sunday in freestyle. So, there is room to play: you can do a short distance one day and a long one, or even a marathon of the same length on both days. 

All ski tour marathons are also included in the Worldloppet series, and you can transfer them to your Worldloppet ski pass. This is your chance to keep yourself inspired on the ski front for several years and collect visits made to various foreign marathons. 

Accommodation and catering

In Otepää, we are staying at the Tehvandi hotel, which is conveniently located next to the marathon starting point and the ski slopes. The hotel has a sauna and meals are provided three times a day. 

In Tallinn, we will stay at the CityBox hotel in the immediate vicinity of the harbor and the old town. From there, it is easy to walk to the city center and to explore the old part of the city and to move on comfortably in the direction of Lahti, Finland. The ski slopes are located further from the city center, and we will plan those visits together.

Lahti GreenStar hotel is located 1.7 km from the start and finish of the marathon. The hotel is focused on sustainability and a way of operating as close to nature as possible in every detail.

In all hotels, accommodation is arranged in twin rooms and breakfasts are also provided. The Otepää hotel package also includes lunch and dinner, in Tallinn and Lahti you can enjoy more freedom of choice in this regard. You can order lunch and dinner according to your wishes from the hotel restaurant or nearby eateries. 

Flight times

The travel package does not include plane tickets. Please note that your flight must arrive at Tallinn Airport on February 15th by 5:00 p.m. at the latest. At that time, we will go to Otepää with a jointly organized coach transport.

You can plan your flight home either from Tallinn airport on February 25 from 20:00 or from Helsinki airport on February 25 from 18:00. If you have special requests regarding logistics, write to us at kristel@sporttravel and we will help as flexibly as possible.


A choice for everyone

One trip, two different countries and the Worldloppet ski marathons.

Simple and convenient

We support your every step on the way so that you don't have to worry about where-what is. You can be in the moment and enjoy the trip to the fullest!

Ski party

Tartu Marathon celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. No doubt, the mood of the marathon is going to be more festive and the experiences – more powerful!

The PACKAGE includes:

The price of the package is 1895 euros.

EARLY subscriber price: if you register before January 10, 2024 (included), the price of the package is 1795 euros. If you come along just to cheer and don’t participate on marathons, the price is 1650 eur.

Flexible payment: after registration, we will send you a booking invoice (400 EUR), the payment of which confirms your travel destination. You can choose whether you want to pay for the rest of the travel package in the registration form: it is possible to pay in full in one part 30 days before the start of the trip and in two parts, where 50% of the cost should be paid 65 days before the start of the trip and the remaining amount – 30 days before the start of the trip.

For an additional fee, it is also possible to stay in a single room, please ask for an offer writing to info@sporttravel.ee.


Group leader Kristel Laurson

Kristel is a cheerful adventurer who has organized hiking adventures and sports camps both in Estonia and in other European countries. She has discovered the Nordic countries the most, and that was already at a young age, when she was actively engaged in cross-country skiing. Her trips are not just awesome experiences, but also inspiring discoveries at the level of inner adventures – Your spontaneity and courage will gain a new meaning!

Tour leader Jüri Marcinkevicz

Jüri is an active amateur athlete, whose experience includes more than 120+ foreign marathons in various sports (skiing, running, mountain and road cycling, swimming, etc.). It is not the sense of achievement that fascinates him, but the experience of self-transcendence and the opportunity to discover different countries while actively moving. Jüri has already participated in the Nordenskiöldsloppet marathon 4 times – so he has his share of personal experiences to support you!

See you amidst the beauty of Nordic winter!