You decide what's possible.

Leia enda jaoks just Sind liikuma innustav reis ja kohtume selles maailma ägedas paigas!

Workouts, fun people and the joy of progress! Camps in beautiful destinations where we develop general physical fitness and endurance with the help of a coach.


Well-known marathons and sporting events around the world. Skiing, running, swimming or cycling – Your choice! Are you going to run a full marathon or are you going to start with a shorter distance?


Hiking experiences in scenic locations, as well as in places where phone coverage and civilization are completely lost. Definitely a wake up call for Your adventurous soul!

Health and sports trips

An active lifestyle is for everyone.

Maybe you aren’t very active or a so-called fitness junky, or maybe you’re an active amateur athlete or even a top-level competitor – whatever your level, you will find a suitable trip from our selection.

It doesn't matter if you just turned 5 or are 85 years old. There’s a trip – actually even several – for everyone.

Your dream doesn't have to be about chasing medals in competitions, it can also be about strolling in nature, discovering new places and meeting new people, exercising or improving your physical fitness. One thing is for sure, there is a trip that will inspire you.

Come and discover - You decide what's possible.


  • Experience package

    New discoveries, fresh energy and the knowledge that more is possible. Team spirit as a bonus!

  • Everything done for you

    We create solutions where you can fully relax! The packages include accommodation, catering, logistics, including the transport of sports equipment.


    We've organized over 150 group tours since 2014, and we are still full of fresh inspiration to keep doing more exciting things!


    Each and every person is important to us. We listen, try to understand and, as far as possible, we are flexible in our arrangements.