March 23, 2023

Fossavatnsgangan ski marathon

Iceland is believed to be the last place in the world where people settled. The Vikings discovered this unique island nation more than 1,100 years ago. 

Iceland is now one of the countries that attracts more foreign tourists annually than the number of its residents. Nature is its treasure, inviting in its authenticity and grandeur. This is what makes Iceland's ski marathon special!

About the ski marathon

The Fossavatnsgangan Ski Marathon is one of the youngest members of the Worldloppet Ski Series (since 2014). The marathon was first held in 1935, with just seven strong skiers competing. Back then they completed 18 km, now you can choose between 25 km and 50 km marathons.  

We will arrive in Iceland on Tuesday and spend two days exploring Reykjavik, the northernmost capital of the world. We will visit the hot springs and the Blue Lagoon spa, and you can even go whale watching in the sunset if you wish. What's more, Reykjavik is also said to be one of the cleanest cities in the world – it's worth taking a big breath every step of the way!

On Thursday morning, we will set off towards Isafjördur so those who are interested can take part in the 25 km freestyle marathon in the evening. On Friday, we will drive around and explore the nearby sights and other places of natural beauty. 

The marathon day for the main distances is Saturday, 20 April. Each year, the marathon attracts around 450 skiers, with the current record standing from 2016 with a total of 499 participants. The marathon track is surrounded by mountains, with ocean views and Lake Fossavant in the background. 

In April, the weather is already nice and spring-like and nature is slowly starting to bloom. On 25 April, locals celebrate the first day of summer, which symbolises the beginning of summer according to the old Icelandic calendar. The holiday is a yearly celebration, always held on the first Thursday after 18 April.  

Description of the marathon track

Both marathons will be completed in one full lap. The first part of the 50 km track goes smoothly uphill, rising gradually for about 15 km. Then, for 10 km, you'll experience a gentle downhill section until the turnaround point, where the track starts to rise again. You could say that for 8 km you can go uphill to the highest point of the marathon track (614 m) and balance it out with another 8 km of downhill pace. The final treat is the track's most famous climb, Miðfellsháls, and for the last 6 km you'll glide to the finish line! 

You can find out more about the track profiles HERE. What's for sure is that there will be places on the track where you'll want to take out your phone camera and snap a few nice pictures to remember!

Both competitions also count for the Worldloppet series, and you can add them to your Worldloppet ski pass. It's your chance to keep yourself inspired by the skiing scene for many years to come, and to accumulate visits to various marathons abroad.

** The photos and videos used are the official material of the marathon's organiser. 

Accommodation and catering

In Reykjavik, we'll stay at the Norðurey hotel, located on the outskirts of the city and just 400 metres from the ocean view. view. Accommodation in Isafjordur is arranged at the Hotel Horn in the city centre, about 6 km from the marathon start. EXPO and the competition centre are just 600 m from our hotel.  

In the hotels, accommodation is in twin rooms with breakfast; we will search for lunch and dinner places together.

Why be there?

Marvellous nature

One of Iceland's greatest attractions is its nature: hot springs, mountainous terrain, waterfalls, open ocean.

Convenient organisation

It's easier to go to a ski marathon that far with a group and with the whole organisational side taken care of.

It's more fun together!

Inspiring company and shared impressions! On sports trips, we've only met happy and vibrant people.

The package includes:

The price of the package is 1385 euros.

EARLY BIRD price: if you register before October 10, the price of the package is 1275 euros.

You can indicate your package selection in the registration form. Additional costs: lunches, dinners and personal shopping. 

Flexible payment: after registration, we will send you a booking invoice (500 eur/person), the payment of which will secure your spot in the trip. You can choose how you’d like to pay for the rest of the package in the registration form: it is possible to pay in full in one instalment 30 days before the start of the trip and in two instalments, where 50% of the cost should be paid 65 days before the start of the trip and the remaining amount 30 days before the start of the trip.

Travel guide Jüri Marcinkevicz

Jüri is an active recreational athlete, whose experience includes more than 120+ foreign marathons in various sports (skiing, running, mountain and road cycling, swimming, etc.). It is not the achievement that fascinates him, but the experience of self-transcendence and the opportunity to discover different countries while actively moving. During his life, he has traveled through most of Europe, so far his undisputed favorites are the Alps and the Nordic countries, Sweden.

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